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ChatsApp your ChatGPT over WhatsApp connection

Experience the convenience and power of AI technology in your favourite messaging App

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Search Power

Get answers to your questions, from your favourite messaging app

Get instant answers to your questions, wherever you are. ChatGPTs power and knowledge always at an arms reach


Need help translating something?

Travelling? Got a message you didn't quite understand? Need to communicate in another language? Translate conversations where they are happening

Funny and witty

Up your messaging game

Need a joke? A witty reply to a message? We have you covered. Ask for a witty or funny reply to a message, forward it on to your friends, and let them marvel at your amazing chatting skills

voice notes

Speak, and you shall be heard!

Have you ever spoken to an AI, and got back a response? Well, now you can. Send a voice note, and feel the amazement as you get back responses to your questions

Over  6,000 users, and 30,000 messages sent

Start chatting!

"Ok, I've heard enough! How can I start?"

Just add the below number to your phones contact list, and start chatting with the contact on WhatsApp.

+1 689 267 3467

24 hour free trial. No sign up needed. That simple!

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Some of the cool things ChatsApp can do

Your ChatGPT connection

Communicate with ChatGPT. Get messages and answers back from this powerful AI

Thousands of messages

Send and receive thousands of messages between you and ChatGPT

No downloads needed

No need to download any external App. If you already have WhatsApp, you're good to go

Voice note support

You heard that right. Use WhatsApp's voice notes to ask questions, and get back answers from ChatGPT

Context recognition

Have proper conversations. The AI will understand if you refer to things you talked about recently

Always up

Get responses any time of the day, all day, everyday

2 week trial


Want to test waters?

  • 2 weeks usage
  • Over 500 messages
  • Voice notes
  • Context recognition



/ month

There when you need it, always

  • Auto renews every month
  • 1,000 messages a month
  • Voice notes
  • Context recognition



/ month

Chat a lot? We got you covered

  • Auto renews every month
  • 2,500 messages a month
  • Voice notes
  • Context recognition

Manage subscriptions

You can manage and cancel your subscription at any time. Click the “Manage Subscription” at the top right corner of the page, or click the Manage Subscription button below. You’ll be directed to a Stripe customer portal page where you will be able to securely see your subscriptions details, cancel the subscription, and even manage your payment details and access your invoices.

Manage Subcriptions

Even more features coming soon

It's never been easier to build a business of your own. Our tools will help you with the following:

  • You can already use voice notes for communication! Soon, get a voice note back from ChatGPT
  • Generate and share GIFs and images using Dalle
  • Use GPT4, and leverage ChatGPT plugins
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my messages stored on the server?

Your messages are not stored at all on our servers. When we introduce context recognition from previous conversations, we will need to store only the most recent 10 minutes of conversations. And any conversation older than 10 minutes will be totally deleted from our servers.

Why am I getting charged? Isn't ChatGPT free?

The ChatGPT API does charge based on the number and length of messages sent and received. Plus, a WhatsApp Business Account, which is required in order to enable this service, also charges for sending and receiving messages. So as much as we would like to offer a free service, getting the power of ChatGPT on WhatsApp does cost a little. We think its well worth the rewards and power ups it will receive in everyday life though!

Is payment secure?

Yes, we use Stripe for payment. We do not store any of your credit card information.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can access all your invoices and billing history through the Manage Subscriptions portal. This is a safe and secure portal hosted by Stripe.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Click the “Manage Subscription” at the top right corner of the page. You’ll be directed to a Stripe customer portal page where you can select “Cancel Plan”. Your cancellation will take effect on the day of the next billing date. You can continue using our services until then. To avoid being charged for your next billing period, cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before your next billing date.

Can I get a refund?

Once a subscription is purchased, it is not possible to offer a refund for that month. However you may cancel your subscription any time, which means you will no longer be billed from the next billing month onwards.

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